Pet Nail Grinder
Petwant pet nail grinder provide the most comfortable, painless paws grooming tool. This will allow you to trim and make smoother your pet's nails easily
Product Parameters
Product Features
* Colour: White+Black
* Adapter output: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz / USB charge: DC 5V
* Rechargeable battery锛歂i-Cd 2.4V ( 350mA x 2pcs )
* Charge time锛?H / Using time锛?80mins
* Detchable diamond bit grinding stone
* DC 2.4V long-time life motor
* Little noise design, Low vibration
* Blue light blinking when charging, stay at blue light after full charged
* Cordless using
* Packaging including: Micro USB cord , Manual, Nail Grinder
* Certificate: CE/FCC/ROHS/MSDS
Our Laboratory
We enjoy high reputation from customers over the world, our product distributed to over 50 countries.
1. Q: We want add our own logo on the product - is this possible?
A: Yes, customized is warmly welcomed, OEM including: Logo print, packaging and manual customized. With our professional designer, your requirements can be fully realized.
2.Q: How can I get a sample?
A: Please leave us messages, our customer service staff will contact you quickly for sample details. Usually, the sample delivery time is around 4-5 days.
3.Q: Does the nail grinder have spare parts that can be sold?
A: Yes, the nail grinder head can be sold, and suggestion for replacing the head is 1 year. Also, adapters, nail cutter also can be sold as a combination.
4.Q: How about the price?Can you make it cheaper?
A:The price depends on the item your demand(Shape,size,quantity). We are warmly welcome negotiation to contribute to cooperation
5.Q. Is there any forbidden materials in the product that could not be shipped?
A: Of course not, all of our products are passed rigorous testing and got CE/FCC/ROHS certificates, for shipping, we also have MSDS report which meets the standards of air/train/sea shipping.
6.Q. Are there any differences between your products and others?
A.We have cooperated with Bissell,Casfuy,Boshel etc, our product quality are fully reflected by that, 24H after-sale service also provide a 鈥渙ne-stop鈥?service to our clients.Pet Claw Care factory

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