When you see anything displayed on the shelves of a shop the first thing that attracts your attention is the label on the product. You will first pick up an item with an attractive, bright coloured label. When you want to make, sell and offer products and services, the first most obvious step is to have a good label. Visual appeal is very important for a business to have a striking show.

A good product labelling machine will make your product labels good, attractive, catchy and clear. These are very beneficial to the industrial world as they use novel techniques and save time and money. Labelling machines paste printed labels on the finished products, containers, vials, ampoules, bottles and other packaging material. These are also known as labeler. The labels are self adhesive labels which have readymade gum on the back side and it can be pasted on the container with little press by the machine.

Labelling done manually is a time consuming job and it is not a professional way of packing the product especially when bulk production is done in a professional way. Using labelling machine to package the products is time saving and more professional.

Labelling machines are used in pharmaceutical industries, consumer durable indusrties, FMCG and many other packaging industries. Fully automatic with advanced features of labelling these machines make your packaging job easy, clean, professional and hygienic. The work is done within a predetermined time frame and with high precision. You can also pick and choose from the range of labels and letters to customize the labels for your operations.

While selecting a labeling machine for your industrial business, make a note of all your requirements and study the features offered by the labelling machine manufacturers. Select the one that suits your operations the most.

Labeling machines are an integral part of the chemicals, cosmetics, food and beverages, agriculture, electronics, pharmaceutical industry, etc. The labels offer information about the ingredients in the product, the manufacturing date, expiry date and information like quantity, list of features etc. Most of the machines have inbuilt self adhesive labelling system for oval, cylindrical, flat and square containers. For bar code and overprint faults these machines have auto reject facility.

The different types of Labeling Machines: Based on the types, size and shapes of containers or vessels various types of labelling machines are used for different industrial applications.

Semi-Automatic Labeling Machine used in small scale industries for labelling on round vials, bottles etc.

Automatic labeling machine is used for labelling on front or back side of oval, plane, or square shaped goods.

High speed ampoule, vial sticker labelling machine is used to apply labels on ampoules, vials and other containers vertically at very high speed.

Hologram, security label application machine is used as hologram applicator and label applicator. It is fixed on the existing packing line conveyors.

Ampoule or vial labelling machine-horizontal is used for full or partial wrap around labeling on round containers with small diameter.

Vial labelling machine is used to label small, round shaped products like vials, ampoules, and test tubes.

Reasons to Use an Automatic Bottle Filling Machine

Machines employed for filling of liquids or powders into bottles are called bottle filling machines. The bottle filling machines are the important machine tools for the packaging process in various industries like pharmaceutical, chemical, agriculture, food etc. The manual methods of bottle filling cannot be applied in modern industries with bulk filling requirements as the process can consume considerable time and may causing spilling or wastage of the products. Consistency in filling of the bottles can also be yet another issue rising out of the manual bottle filling processes. Therefore the special devices called bottle filling machines are employed in industrial packaging processes.

Types of Bottle Filling Machine

The bottle filling machine is available in different formats and specifications and therefore can be selected to suit diverse requirements of packaging and filling in various industries. Bottle filling machines are today available for meeting various requirements of filling at the industries. There are filling machines for round bottle filling, machines for filling square type bottles and machines available for filling bottles of different shapes and sizes. You can always find a semi or fully automatic bottle filling machine suitable to your requirements like speed, features and specifications desired and type of bottles to be filled. All you require to do is find a reliable machinery supplier to get the most reliable at affordable price.

Types of Capping Machines for Different Industries

Pharmaceutical capping machines come in different models but they have only one purpose: to produce quality caps to seal medicines for long storage. Most of these types have modular filling with dosing pumps that are sturdy enough to handle both glass and plastic medicine bottles such as dermatological, ophthalmic, liquid medicines and IV bottles.

Food capping machines are designed with twist-off vacuums that are fit for sealing glass bottle using a steam exhaust. It is composed of devices for steam exhausting and converting device for frequency monitoring. To avoid food spoilage, this capping device has superb high automation features with full range screw caps for sealing bottles and canisters for juices, seasonings, and sweetened drinks

Beverage capping machines are highly automated, with full range capability that can seal multiple carbonated and liqueur bottle caps. It has its built-in cap pressing machine and equipped with types of wheels such as protruding wheel, entry pulling wheel and device for spring cylinder. It has the capability of sealing all sizes of bottle caps from 250 ml to gallons.

Capping machine

Screw capping machine is a traditional machine for capping that has been in used for the past few years. However, their practical use has made them a must-have capping devices for industries and businesses.

ROPP capping machine is a roll on capping machine with rotary device that has the capability for speedy productions. It can yield up to a thousand bottle caps per minute. This capping device is more popular than the other types.

Vial Cap Sealing Machine is designed to seal medicine vials to avoid spoilage and leakage. They can also handle all types of vial caps with guaranteed perfect sealing.

Automatic capping machine is suitable for all types of bottles and caps with speed of 200 cpm. It can handle all types of caps such as metal caps, flat caps, round caps, Yorker caps and sport caps.
Semi automatic cap sealing machine is a type of capper that does not have torque and it seals by using a pneumatic cylinder whereby the bottle machine operator presses the caps onto the bottle or container and then push the footswitch in manual machines.

Electromagnetic Induction Sealing Technology

Electromagnetic induction sealing technology is a relatively advanced and popular non-contact sealing technology. The electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine (air-cooled) uses induction heating to seal, which greatly improves the product quality, prevents natural moisture absorption, extends the shelf life, enhances the anti-counterfeiting performance, and improves the sealing speed and sealing quality.

Advantages of Aluminum Foil Sealing Film

1. Block air, prevent oxidation, waterproof and moisture. 2. High temperature resistance (121°C), low temperature resistance (-50°C), oil resistance and good fragrance retention performance. 3. Meet the sanitary standards of food and medicine packaging. 4. Good heat sealing performance, flexibility, and high barrier performance. 4. Effectively protect the product from loss and prevent the product from being squeezed and overflowed.

TheWorking Principle of Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

Aluminium foil sealer machine is based on the effect of high-frequency electromagnetic field, which causes the aluminum foil to generate a huge eddy current and quickly heats up, melts the adhesive film under the aluminum foil and bonds with the bottle mouth, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid non-contact air sealing.

The main power components are installed on a large radiator and forced air cooling.

Structural Characteristics of Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

Lifting device: The sensing device can be adjusted freely according to the height of the bottle, which has a wide range of applications.

Air-cooled system: air-cooled heat dissipation system, fast sealing speed, better sealing.

High-quality crawler: The plastic crawler has low friction coefficient, wear resistance, and is not affected by temperature.

Control panel: It is equipped with key indicator lights and switch buttons, which is safe and stable.

Speed regulating device: The sealing speed can be adjusted according to actual needs, and the operation is simple.

The benefits of having a Bottle Washing Machine

Bottle washing machines are widely used in various industries for an efficient and quick washing, bleaching, and drying of bottles before they are filled with solutions, liquids, or powders. The appliances are manufactured from the best components and technology, has different wash stages, and comes in different designs and sizes in order to fit your needs. In this article, you will be able to read about the benefits of using a bottle washing machine in your company. Let’s take a look.

As you know, bottles are one of the most difficult items to wash. This is mostly because of their shape and it would require a lot of time, energy, and money to have someone clean them properly. However, with these automatic bottle washing machines, you can gain various benefits, and some of the benefits include:

1. You will be able to save time and energy

The old way in which industries used to wash their bottles includes soaking them in water, wait until the dirt is softened, then they would scrub off the labels, and then the last step includes them sanitizing the bottles. This old way of doing things was quite a time and energy-consuming process. However, with the introduction of these machines, there will be less work involved and all your employees will have to do is load the bottles on the rack and click a button that will start the process.

2. Completely clean and sanitized bottles

These machines will ensure that all the bottles are properly cleaned and sanitized before they are filled up. According to the experts from lamlukkawater, you will no longer have to worry about residue being left in the bottles, which might influence how the liquid inside tastes, the structure of powders and solutions inside of the bottles, and the leftover residue could make the liquid inside go bad. Hence, by using these machines, you can ensure that the bottles will be sanitized and cleaned properly.

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